jackie (luvbreedsuicide) wrote,

and the cycle continues...

livejournal, i miss you. i'm sorry i've been so neglectful, but you know rules; i only update when i'm bored, procrastinating, or feeling emotional. in this case i'm bored AND procrastinating. IT'S A DOUBLE WHAMMY.

so let's catch up. school is pretty good. i'm doing really well in my classes. i really like my philosophy class. It's more of a debate class than anything else. i'm really learning a lot about different perspectives on particular issues. but, don't worry my perspective is never swayed considering i'm always right. ANYWAYS....that's enough about school...considering it's half of my life you would think i would have more to say, but i don't.

WOW, i'm already really bored with this. so i'm going to spare you the details and give you short synopsis of the rest of my life.

work is gay.

my friends are alive.

matt...is wonderful.

yadda yadda...

the end
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